Low Fader Signal

Hi. I hope someone can shed some light on my problem.
I have very low signal showing in the channel faders when recording and when I playback. This happened once a few months ago and then it self repaired, however I now have the problem continually. The gain settings on the desk are unchanged from previous recording sessions where the fader levels were fine.
I’m running Cubase Pro 8.3 via firewire into an Allen & Heath ZedR16 mixing desk.
I use Windows 7 Pro on a brand new computer built specifically for audio.

Any help would be appreciated
Cheers Bernie :cry:

I also have a high signal level when I connect the Stereo In bus in the VST connections. This remains high on the Transport Bar with the red signal overload being displayed unless I manually turn it down.
I have checked the Allen & Heath Zed R16 mixing desk, firewire connection and lead and I have checked all drivers are up to date. I am at a loss to find a solution.
All recordings previous to this problem are working as normal in terms of fader volume, input and output levels.

check your power scheme and windows audio settings…the default is set to lower input to 80%-50% and should be changed to “do nothing” in the Sound>Communications tab.


Thanks for the reply DLearyUS. I will give your suggestion a go and see what happens, however it didnt seem to be an issue previously.
Cheers Bernie

Worse comes to worse, you have a ‘Pre-Gain’ option in the mixer section, which will allow you to boost the signal of the incoming audio signal into the mixer.

I found that sometimes my signals are low enough to need it, but if you’re gonna use any VST FX, then you’ll have options to boost there as well [or perhaps there instead].

Thanks jamusic.
I have tried boosting the pre gain however I need to add around 28db to get the signal load enough. The recorded sound I get is low level but also distorted so adding more gain doesn’t solve the problem unfortunately.

Check connections and cables, maybe reinstall the drivers.

Thanks peakae.
I have removed and reinstalled all drivers for the ZedR16 mixer, cubase 8.3 and tried a spare firewire cable. No change.
I suspected it could be mixer although it works fine on recordings prior to theses problems arising, so I’m back to square one unfortunately. Cheers

I have borrowed a Allen & Heath ZedR16 mixer from a friend and connected it. All the channel faders are where they should be in terms of levels, however once the Stereo Input bus is connected in the VST connections tab, I have a strong signal showing in the Stereo Input channel and also on the Transport on both mixers.
It may be that my ZedR16 has a faulty firewire card according to a tech guy at Allen & Heath but this doesn’t explain the hot Stereo Input signal showing up on both mixers ???
Any suggestions are welcome :bulb: