Low fader volume noise

Hi all,

I’m facing something weird.
When doing a fade out automation, any audio from an instrument or audio sample (wav) I have, when I put the fader really down, like below - 22db, I start to hear very lound & annoying nosie / crackle that is not from the original audio file. I tried several things, it’s still there.

The solution I found is to reduce the gain on the audio track itself, so I didn’t have to put the volume fader too down, to avoid getting at the level when this occurs. Which worked in the track I was working on, but what If I want to do a very long fade out with the fader really go down to the maximum low.

Any idea why I hear these noise? Do you face the same thing or it’s just me?
Any settings I didn’t do right?


hi gorguts6

that sounds a little odd and definitely not happening here ?

I’m not really sure what is going on there - but can you give us more details

what audio card
what buffer


Cubase Pro 10.5
Macbook Pro 2019
Catalina 10.15.7
Universal Audio Apollo X4 - buffer size at 2048

I just tried on another audio track, a bass, and at -20db, the sound comes & go, like on & off, like if there was a Gate, not set up properly, but there is none! And other times, it’s just this nasty noise sound.

very strange - I don’t have an answer, obviously but things to try that are quick and easy…

have you rebooted - and done a powercycle on the interface ?
does this happen on a totally new project ?
have you tried starting in ‘safe mode’?

I didn’t try yet these things. I will thanks.
One thing, my project is at 48kHz, and the audio sample I’m really struggling with is at 44.1kHz, may this be one of the reason?

it probably should have converted them when you imported them ?

It’s possible but that doesn’t explain why it happens to instrument tracks ?