Low latency ASIO Driver raises pitch

I just discovered that when I use the Low Latency ASIO Driver the pitch is raised by approximately half a step. Has anyone else found that? Is there a fix for it?

I’m using Cubase 11 with an AudioBox USB96 audio interface. When I use the AudiBox ASIO Driver and plug headphones directly into the AudioBox, the pitch is accurate. When I’m just editing the tracks I prefer to plug the headphones into the computer, and the Low Latency ASIO Driver is the only driver that I’ve been able to make work for that.

Any suggestions?



Make sure, the Sample Rate is the same between your Project, and the settings for both ASIO drivers.

Aha, that was it. The project was 44.1k and the ASIO driver was 48k. I hadn’t even noticed that there was a sample rate setting for the driver.

It wouldn’t let me change the ASIO driver setting so I changed the project (and all the audio files) to 48k, and now all is well!


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