Low latency audio driver for Android is here, but won't work with Cubasis (but maybe one day)


Works only with software from the developer. I bought it for £4.89 and what a difference it makes on their daw app. Sample rates from 44.1 to 96KHz, low latency etc. If Steinberg contacted them with a pile of money, maybe they could get a custom version for Cubasis. I’d pay £20 for that. Cubasis currently not usable in a practical way with my Presonus Audiobox 96 because of high latency and poor audio because of what sounds like sample rate mismatch that I can’t alter. When I used the Presonus with other DAW and this driver the performance was exactly what I had hoped for. p.s. when I demoed Cubasis it was with tablet alone and that seemed ok for playback. I was too hasty and bought it. Very disappointed with performance as it is.

Am I the only person trying to run Cubasis on an Android tablet with an audio interface?

Hi @Eddie_Stealth_Studio,

Thanks for your message.
Please note that Cubasis uses Google’s Oboe audio library.


Thanks. I’m not a programmer. Had to look up Oboe. Is Oboe what we are stuck with? The current latency and audio performance is making Cubasis unusable for me except as something nice to look at. Ed

Latency is highly hardware dependent…
On my device the latency is hardly noticeable, even with bluetooth earbuds
High latency kicks in when i activate “active noise cancelling” on the buds…

@LSlowak so basically cubasis on android & ios are 2 different apps since they use different audio engines?

Far as I have seen, on Android you won’t be able to use Cubasis with different sample rates or low latency. Pointless. As I said in my original post, I bought it based on a quick demo using internal audio and playing back a demo song. It was fine for that. But try playing in on pads or onscreen keypad and it is really bad. Then, the terrible audio through my USB audio interface is depressing. P.S. Audio evolution Mobile DAW has their own custom driver as mentioned in my post. It sounds superb with the interface and is very low latency. If only Steinberg would license their driver…