Low latency audio driver for Android is here, but won't work with Cubasis (but maybe one day)


Works only with software from the developer. I bought it for £4.89 and what a difference it makes on their daw app. Sample rates from 44.1 to 96KHz, low latency etc. If Steinberg contacted them with a pile of money, maybe they could get a custom version for Cubasis. I’d pay £20 for that. Cubasis currently not usable in a practical way with my Presonus Audiobox 96 because of high latency and poor audio because of what sounds like sample rate mismatch that I can’t alter. When I used the Presonus with other DAW and this driver the performance was exactly what I had hoped for. p.s. when I demoed Cubasis it was with tablet alone and that seemed ok for playback. I was too hasty and bought it. Very disappointed with performance as it is.

Am I the only person trying to run Cubasis on an Android tablet with an audio interface?