Low latency recording

Longtime ProTools user that is trying to switch(step by step)
I have a “problem” with latency.
I want to record a Voice Over but at 32 samples it still gives me latency.
I work with a ProTools HD native TB and 96 breakout box.
I have no plugins running.

I set up my cue mixes to output 3 of my PT soundcard. That then goes to my headphone amp.
In ProTools I use the same method and at 64 samples I have almost no latency.
But in my Nuendo it displays 6ms and still hear latency.

Is there another way to setup my monitor mix for the VO?

Thank you.

hi David

I’m not familiar with the Protools hardware - but 32 samples here with RME reports <2ms combined @44.1 - doesn’t account for external A/D D./A obviously. Which is fine for 99.9% of fussy people (like me)

Are you mac / windows ?
Are you using control room ?
Do you mean that the system is reporting back 6ms (total?) in the studio setup ?
Do you get this on a new project ?
(and the old favourite - but very unlikely to help) - did you try deleting preferences.

6ms would be noticeable for me I think…