Low recording signal to backing music monitoring volume

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I know someone posted pretty similarly recently:


But I’m having the same issue (using Cubase Elements 6 and UR824):

During recording - how to control (boost really) the recorded signal against the already recorded mix level.

I’m finding the the vocals cant be heard by the vocalist during recording. I’m using direct monitoring, and the fader does affect the recording volume, but even up fully it is not loud enough to get loud clear feedback over the mix.

There music be some way. If anyone knows I’d be really grateful.

The workaround the above poster is using (sending all other tracks to a group channel) seems a lot of trouble to go to every time I want to record a vocal on a new track.

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The usual, and traditional way of doing this is to select the tracks the artist needs to hear, and use a send to the designated artist phones output, adjusting the send levels to create a custom mix. In Cubase (full) the controlroom features dedicated artist mix cues which is more comfortable, but in essence the same thing.
Also, search for “Gain staging” in e.g. Youtube for some good insight into getting the best/proper signal for recording.