Low volume after exporting to audio mix

Hi experts,

Why is it that the volume of an exported audio mix (mp3) is always much lower than that in Cubase?

Volume seems ok in Cubase but I need to turn the volume all the way up in iTunes (for instance) to get the same volume. That forces me to increase the volume full scale in the mixer for exporting and even then…

There must be something I am doing wrong!

Thanks for your help!

Are you exporting through main output or Studio Control Room?

I am using the main output (I have Cubase Artist, which doesn’t include Control Room).

Start with the obvious: Where is your master fader at when exporting?

All the way up!
To the point that it is uncorfotable to hear and with frequent signal saturation.

im sure it comes down to mastering properly… I take it your songs are quitter compared to others? Maybe your mix is wrong I dont know hard to say without audio example… But you may have your playback volume up while in cubase which seems loud, but really the export file is only -12 or so dbfps.