Low volume from perfomer


Nowadays I am getting most of the vst connect related things to work, which I am really happy with.
However, I feel that even if I raise the volume on the performer monitor nob it is still generally low. The metres are showing up as high
as they are supposed to, without clipping. but it’s still very low. I guess I can route all my already recorded channels to a group and just temporary lower that, so that the performers level becomes higher in comparison, but maybe there is another solution? Is there a way to add a plugin to my performer channel to temporary while listening raise that volume? where would that be in that case? Any other solution, or is there perhaps something I am doing wrong?

The VST Connect Monitor plugin is the very last in the listening chain, after the Master. Thus, you may just lower your Cubase Master channel and raise your speaker monitor level.

Okey, thanks for the help, I will try that