Low volume noise on the input signal on Cubase 7

I just got my new cubase 7 and i have a question.
My input channel’s audio activity meter shows a constant low noise, without anything connected to my audio interface input.
I’m using M-Audio Fast Track Pro (not the best preamps in the world).
I’ve checked the VST Connection, they’re indeed pointing to the audio interface inputs.
I tried using the instrument/line options, Pad, and also lowering the gain (on the M-Audio) to zero, but still the meters indicate a low volume noise.

This doesn’t happen to me in Cubase 5 nor in Ableton Live 9.
My friend told me it might be that the Cubase 7 meters are so good that they sense the low volume noise from the preamps that other software (or previous versions) can’t determine.

Can anyone please explain me if this is a problem or really just sensitive meters in Cubase 7?
I also attached a screenshot of this problem.

Thanks a lot!


I see exactly the same concern - that I don’t see/have in C6.5 on the same machine. I am running an M-Audio Delta 1010 LT interface card.

I hear nothing (no ‘noise’) from the channels, even at loud volume with nothing attached - same as in C6.5

But the meter activity as you show, persists in C7; so I am ignoring.