Low volume when loaded into Halion Sonic (SE)

I noticed HSO is integrated into Halion Sonic in Cubase 6 and can not be loaded as a VST on it’s own.
In Cubase 5 this was possible, but that’s not really an issue.

However, after loading Halion Sonic I noticed that the HSO sounds have a VERY low volume compared to the other Halion sounds, when selected from within the Halion Sonic (SE) VST instrument in Cubase 6.

Is there a way to solve this?


Yes I have this too, very quiet compared to other sounds.

Some patches are controlled by MIDI in order to allow more expression and are designed to be “played”, and this by default is set to MIDI controller 1 (modulation). If this is the problem then on the virtual keyboard of HSSE, turn up the modulation wheel (also works on the virtual keyboard) and see if the sound gets louder.

yes better, never though of that, thanks

I resume this post cause, after installing HSO, I have some instrument, like “Cellos tutti” with a very low volume level, also after turning modulation weel. Cello solo it’s very bright in comparison with the volume of Cellos ensemble.
I have tried to switch everything but … Nothing. Someone knos what’s the catch?
Thnks a lot.

Just for fun, I was struggling with the same issue, except in my case, the track automation information was somehow “leaking” into the Halion instrument level as well as the track fader. Reloading the preset seemed to cure the problem…

Increasing the level may help. Next to the Halion Sonic logo at top is a slider, slide to maximum.