Lower BPM best practice?

I have a Cubase Pro 10.0.50 Pro project with a couple hundred audio files and about 80 various tracks. The singer now wants to slow it down from 66bpm to 62bpm. I don’t want to re-tack the drums, guiitars and bass if possible. I’m using Track versions and lanes as well. How would you safely lower the bpm’s so it affects EVERYTHING? It makes me nervous applying warp and missing something. What is the best way to proceed and still be able to do comps and mix it after bpm is lowered?


First of all, I would make the File > Back up Project, to make sure you could come back to the previous project version (in case).

Then select all Audio events and enable Musical Mode. Hopefully, nothing should change. Make sure all tracks are set to the Musical Time base (orange note icon), what is important if you have any cuts in the project. Then change the Project tempo. The Audio files will follow.

Couple of additions to Martin’s instructions. Before you enable Musical Mode check in the Pool and verify that all your audio is set to the Project’s tempo. You’d think that since Cubase was running a 66BPM while recording that the tempo on the audio file would be set to 66, but Cubase sometimes gets this wrong. You can change values on multiple items in the Pool all at once. You can also set Musical Mode here or in the Project Window like Martin described.

Sometimes if the source audio is a bunch of comps you might find that these don’t all tempo shift nicely. If that happens go back to the original audio and Render In Place so you end up with one continuous audio file which should tempo shift properly.

Thanks for the advise. Worked well.