Lower Graphic card noise?

Hey all.

I am looking for a way to lower the noise output of my graphic card. I am on a HP pavillion dv7, and am currently running two graphic cards, one for high performance stuff (like games), and one built in intell one. Every time i run high performace software like video games the computer switches over to use the high performance graphics card, the card makes an insane amount of noise which is acceptable when just running games. But the thing is that Cubase ALSO uses the high performance card at FULL power. So basically i cant record audio without the computer being in the next room with the door shut… Is there a way to make cubase use the onboard intell card?

Up until now i have used the catalyst controll center to make cubase run on power saving, did not help…
I have turned of the cubase power scheme, did not work…
I have changed the entire computer power options, did not work…
I have tried to disable the Radeon hd ***** card in device manager, did not work…

I cant think of anything else :imp:

If anyone has a solution to this problem, please do share it with me!


edit: sorry, I wrote a lengthy reply, but then I noticed you are on a laptop instead of on a desktop.
In that case, there must be some utility from HP that controls when to switch graphics card. If not, try the BIOS to see if it’s there. Worst case scenario is you go to device setup and disable the high end graphics card before you start cubase.

Thanks for the reply, i earlier tried two of the same of your suggestions without any luck. I will try the BIOS one later though

Are you sure it’s the graphics card though? I have a HP elitebook which has just a single output fan. This fan is used to cool a heatsink that draws heat from both the CPU and the graphics card. Maybe it’s just the high CPU load from Cubase that’s causing the fan to spin up?
In that case you are probably out of luck, unless you have some headroom with your temperatures. Download and run Speedfan (small free utility that can read temperature sensors and control fan speeds) to monitor your temps under load. If the fan speeds up and the temperatures are still below 60 degrees Celsius, you can experiment with throttling the fanspeed a bit.

That is both good and bad news. Well i am pretty sure it is just the Graphics card fan, but it might be the main fan :confused: i will download speedfan asap ad try it out. Thanks!

With my nvidia equipped laptop, with a rightclick on the icon of a program, I can choose to open a program with either Intel graphics or nvidia Gpu. Can you try that trick with your machine?