Lower Latency w/ 64 bit vs 32 bit mode (mac)

I’m just wondering if you can get better low latency performance running Cubase 6.53 in 64 bit mode rather then 32 bit mode. I’m on Snow Leopard 10.68 with a MacPro 8 core 3.2 ghz (2009) I have 16 gig of memory btw.


don’t see why it would make a difference!

Aloha S,

From here no diff.

In theory I would think it WOULD run more efficiently in 64 bit because Cubase would be addressing more ram memory. Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly?

I think the thing is not so much about RAM, but CPU processing cycles…

Presumably your setup gives you the ability to test your own question - why don’t you try it out by installing 32 bit and 64 bit Cubase?


I guess i will yes it. I still have quite a few plugins that are 32 bit though. I’ll probably just hide them from Cubase to test this out. Wondering if you you track in 64 bit if you can then mix the same project in 32 bit without issues?

Yes you can.