Lower MIDI Edit Screen Using Drum Map - Add Note Scale Toggle

When editing drum MIDI, using a drum map, each note has a grid resolution like 1/16, 1/32, 1/16T, etc. There are sooo many times I need to switch the actual drums between straight time and triplet time for fills, and possibly beats, it’s a pain to manually change each instrument, then change it back. I’ve seen some guys create a map for everything to be at 1/16th’s, and another for 1/16T’s, etc., then they set-up hotkeys to to switch the drum maps on the fly. I know drum maps vary but it seems like there could be a drop down at the top of the list of instruments where a person could select 1/16 and it would change all instruments to 1/16, etc. It would look like the dropdown screen for the quantizing scale.


There are 3 Grid Type modes in the Drum Editor.

  • Use Quantize
  • Adapt to Zoom
  • Use Snap from Drum Map

Most probably you are using the 3rd one. If you would switch to the Use Quantize, you can change the Grid of all pitches at once by changing the Quantize Preset. So from 1/16 to 1/16T for example, all at once. The disadvantage is all pitches are 1/16 (or 1/16T) then. You cannot use 1/16 at one Pitch and 1/8 at other pitch.

Tx for the reply! I didn’t realize there was a reply out there. I’ve always used “quantized”, I didn’t realize there were others, lol. When I try any of the 3 options, my “Snap” column remains unchanged. For example, I’ll show using quantized below didn’t change the Snap column. Is there perhaps a Preference setting I also need to enable?


As far as I can see, the Adapt to Zoom option is enabled. Disable it, please.