Lower MIDI level on playback and higher on MIDI Thru

Hi there! My MIDI track is set to be played by my digital piano (Korg SP-200).


I would like the playback level to be less then the level of the played back MIDI part. Is this possible? Thank you.

P.S. “Local ON/OFF” from the owner’s manual (page 26) helps me to not mix two identical—but slightly delayed from one another— MIDI signals, which is great (thank you, Korg!), but I’d like to also have a lower level on the played back MIDI part…

(from the owner's manual of my digital piano)

Local On/Off

Local is the parameter that allows you to establish whether the keyboard has to play the internal sounds and transmit MIDI data at the same time (Local On), or whether it just has to transmit MIDI data and not play the internal sound (Local Off).

Local Off should be chosen when you wish to use the SP-200 as a mute keyboard, to play another instrument. It should be chosen also when SP-200 is connected to a sequencer via its MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connectors. This will avoid the notes to be played twice, by the keyboard and by the sequencer, producing an annoying “echo” effect.

Normally, you will choose Local On (automatically selected when turning the SP- 200 on), so that playing the keyboard will produce sound.

I ended up creating two translators in Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

First translator
When I hit play (shift+x), my piano receives: [ch1, cc7, value 90].

Second translator
When I press any key on my piano, Bome translates that to [ch1, cc7, value 127].