Lower midi note shows as higher in arrange window...?

I mostly use Studio One for composition and Nuendo for post, but I have been messing around with music in Nuendo recently and just noticed something that is really bugging me. In this screenshot, you can see in the midi editor that the 2nd midi note is 1 semitone lower than the first midi note. But in the arrange window, it shows as being like an octave higher.

What is going on here? Is this a bug?

Although I hate this behaviour this is not a bug. The Y axis of these notes on the part is calculated per part and it’s also depending on which key.
It used to be calculated per track, it was much better to look at. But changed to this state, I believe it was partly because it was slowing down drawing too much (each part needs to iterate through all the parts on the track versus just the part.).

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Ah, yeah thats weird. In other DAWs I am familiar with, the midi notes in the arrange view events correspond to the actual notes.

Odd that Cubendo doesn’t go that route.

Thanks for the response.