Lower Notes for Taiko Drums

Hi, so I was trying out taiko drums and during playback, the notes sound higher than I imagined them to be. so i checked the instrument in Halion Sonic panel and found that the drums do have a range of low and high notes spanning the entire keyboard but the staff only allow a single note and it plays a C4. is there a way to change it so that i could access lower notes during playback

Welcome to the forum, @Paing_Min_Khant. I’ve attached a simple project in which I’ve created a trivial percussion map for taiko which should play a C2 (MIDI note 36). You can adjust it in Library > Percussion Maps to make it output a different pitch if you want to use something different.

taiko-percmap.dorico (332.0 KB)

thank you so much! that helped. the percussion mapping stuff has always eluded me. hope i understand how these things work one day