Lower Zone Audio Editor don't show full length (9.5)

Just reach situation when audio sample (10 minutes length) not showed full length in lower zone. If I open in full window, I can see full sample.

I record one sample, then second in the same track following the first. Then I join both samples using a glue tool. Doubleclick opens Part editor (not Audio editor) in lower zone. It is a little truncated at the end. It happens if zoomed out. If I zoom in one step, I can see more of the end of sample. Zooming in more, I can scroll more to the right and at the 6th (mouse scrollbutton clicks) zoom step I can see the end of sample.

10 minutes sample at full zoom out Cubase hides aprox. 1 minute.

With mouse scrollbutton pressed, I can move window (lower zone) content to the right and left, but at full zoom out there is nothing to move, but at the left from sample there is too many empty space - aprox. the same space which is stolen from the end at the right.

Zooming in decreases left empty space and opens a bit more of hidden tail of sample (more accurately - part of two glued samples).

If I push button to open lower zone content in window, then all is okay - I see the content in full length.

This is not happening when I click on simple sample. Then I see the start and the very end of it in lower zone.