Lower zone editor changing drum maps

The lower zone editor may be causing some issues with drum maps.

Does anyone else have this issue -

This happens in recent (Orchestral) projects containing several MIDI tracks . The drum or percussion tracks are in the middle or two thirds down the track order. The lower zone editor is visible.

When all (MIDI) parts are selected between locators (I have lots of macros that use this) the parts then appear in layers in the lower zone editor.

Then if I click on the individual tracks in the project window all the tracks above the drum or percussion tracks are OK. The first percussion track will have the correct drum map, but the drum tracks below all change to the same drum map as the first drum track.

Then when I click on the tracks below the percussion tracks (The string section for example) these tracks now also have the same drum map as the first percussion track and use the drum editor in the lower zone.

The only way to avoid this is to have either the mixer/ sampler visible in the lower zone , or the lower zone invisible.

Cubase 9 30. Macbook Pro 2015 i& 2.5 ghz 16GB memory Sierra 19.12.6

I cannot reproduce this… Can you maybe make a video if it?

Just had this happen to me in the latest 9.0.4. Forcing drum maps onto my tracks after viewing a different track’s drum map in the lower editor. I can’t seem to catch it in the act. Just happen to notice it later when I see the diamond shapes on a part I’m trying to edit lengths. They’re changing inside the project area MIDI events, too.