lower zone feature/detatchable edit window

fair enough: double click on a part now opens the editor in the lower zone.
great for the laptop users, but i use 2x40inch monitors so my workflow doesn’t need that and i don’t want it! i am sure i’m not alone with that perception.
but the clincher is that when i click on the arrow (operate in separate window) the editor opens where i want it and in large BUT: the lower zone is still crowded with the SAME editor window!
At the VERY LEAST change the functionality of this feature so that when detaching the lower zone it automatically closes it, while opening the detached window. who needs the same editor twice??
common sense dear developers! or give me a preference about the double click behaviour so users with a lot of real estate on their monitor don’t need to regress to the limitations of the laptop users.

There is an option in the Preferences to disable the lower zone so that double clicking a track opens the full edit window.

Hi,where in preferences is this option?

Here you go mate: