Lower Zone highlights the need to re-write the mixer

I haven’t liked the recent overall look of the Mixer since V6.x, for me the GUI elements of the mixer worked better for me. However there is the need to have fully featured scaling support for the various monitor resolutions and configurations (which is what it seems to me SB was going for).
The current 8.X and 9 versions of the mixer simply don’t look good or easily used at scales too small or too large. It’s easy to provide examples at least for me… I could post screens if anyone wanted to see.

too small - buttons disappear or text unreadable
too large - huge areas of blank space which does nothing

Now, the Lower Zone uses the same scaling/graphic design, squishing the mixer into the ‘too small’ category. Maybe you just need a huge monitor? I’m on 21" and it seems too cramped.

I think mixer GUI should be a issue SB tackles for 9.5… Hints at more inserts are abound so that would also work well for the overall mixing environment.

Overall I hope the mixer will offer more intricate GUI elements which look good and offer the needed functionality without negatives such as

  • eliminate blank spaces as much as possible
  • features don’t disapear