Lower Zone improvements (Mixer)

Well, let’s see…

  1. When you use the mouse wheel in the MixConsole it scrolls horizontally. In the Lower Zone you can’t. Fix it.

  2. When you hide some tracks in MixConsole visibility it doesn’t affect to the Lower Zone. What if I want to have the visibility of the project separated from mixer?

  3. Add routing, pre, channel strip and EQ racks in Lower Zone. Why didn’t you?

  4. The look of inserts and sends racks in Lower Zone is awful.

  5. The edges of the zones could be more slender to make the most of the screen.


The visibility of the Lower Zones Inserts/Sends could be better as in Logic Pro X, when you drag the mixer up they show automatically as in the F3 mixer:

As it is, it is awful I agree (one hundred clicks to get there).

Exactly, it is simple. You could scroll vertically with mouse wheel and use any tool modifier -Shift, for example- to scroll horizontally. By this way, the racks would look much better I think…

Moreover, if they do this, we could use the side margins to be able to see one more channel in the mixer.