Lower Zone Key Editor--Automatic Record Enable

In older versions of Cubase (8.5 and earlier), when you opened the Key Editor, MIDI focus/record was automatically enabled for the editor window. In Cubase 9.5, I now need to hit the red button (or a key command for it) to enable “record in editor”. This really is an annoyance because (of course) I never remember to enable “record in editor” when I record MIDI while in the Key Editor or Lower Zone. When I go back to the Project window, the MIDI info is in a new region overlapping the MIDI region I was hoping to record into.

Another issue is if I highlight a MIDI region and hit the key command “show/high lower zone”, the focus goes to the lower zone (which is good) but the “record in editor” button is white. Meaning, “record in editor” IS enabled, but the record-focus is still in the Project window (again, even though the focus-highlighted-line is around the Lower Zone).

Can we have “record in editor” automatically enabling back like in previous versions? Please?

Well, I don’t expect any end-users to respond to this. I’m just hoping the moderators/developers of Cubase take note. Again, please bring back auto-record enable in Key Editor.

Record in Editor is supposed to be automatically enabled by default, and it’s automatically “unsuspended” in these situations, even if the MIDI track itself isn’t Record Enabled in the project window:

-When you double click a MIDI part
-When you open a MIDI editor via Key Command, for example Ctrl+E
-When you open a MIDI editor via the MIDI menu
-When you click on the Lower Zone MIDI editor
-Whenever a MIDI editor is opened in a separate window

Is this not working for you?

If Record in Editor isn’t automatically enabled for you (it should look white or red if it’s enabled, not grey), try to close Cubase with it enabled.

If that doesn’t work, go to this folder:

Windows: C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64
Mac: {{USERNAME}}/Library/Preferences

Then rename or delete the following files:

Default Project Workspace.xml

This will reset the dimensions of all windows and set the states of most buttons to their defaults, but you’ll keep all other preferences.

Try also a more simple solution:

  1. create a MIDI track (or VSTI) and activate the record in editor button
  2. delete the same track and save the project as a template
  3. use this template as a starting point for your projects and cubase will have the record in editor activated by default.
  4. thats what I do, and it works for me.

Thank you for the response. I will try these suggestions.

Some times I will open Cubase and “record in editor” is enabled when I open a MIDI region. Other times it will be greyed out (not enabled). When I’ve already been working in a project all day with “record in editor” enabled, then shutdown the computer, come back and open the same project the next day, I usually need to turn on “record in editor”. It seems more times than not that this happens. I generally always open a MIDI region (whether in the Lower Zone or in separate window) via key command. I feel double-clicking with the mouse isn’t as consistent in opening.

My overall point is, why is “record in editor” even an option (at least concerning MIDI)? Unless there’s some unusual need for this, why would anyone want to have a MIDI editor open, in focus, with intent to edit the MIDI and not want to record in it? Like I said, when you go to older Cubase versions this option isn’t there. If you have the Key Editor window open and in focus, MIDI is automatically recorded into it via record or retrospective record. If the Key Editor isn’t in focus, nothing is recorded in the editor but rather placed in a new region over the previous MIDI region. Unfortunately, this is what is happening to me when the MIDI editor IS in focus (in 9.5) and it causes annoyance and confusion.

Thanks again for your help!

Hey, thanks hjwinge, I appreciate the advice. Unfortunately, I have a very large pre-made template I always use, so this solution wouldn’t help much. :slight_smile:

Maybe just add this little tweak to your existing template, that should work too (I hope). I am not shure if its backward compatible, but I add new customizations to my template if I find something new and useful, and the situation you mentioned would be one of them. Hope you figure it out on your system!

hi hjwinge, thanks for the suggestion. I will try this out and see if it works.