Lower Zone key editor length shorter than Project zone at full zoom out

I don’t know if this is an error or maybe it is already documented. I’ve attached an image about it.
I’m running version Cubase 10.0.20 Build 187.
What happens is when I zoom out on the lower zone key editor the project length there becomes shorter the closer I am to full zoom out.
Notice in the attachment how the playback line is almost next to the edge at full zoom out in the key editor but not on the project window. So when you press play the playback line is out of range of the key editor. This also has the unfortunate effect of leaving project parts outside the range of the key editor which makes this window not very useful for some stuff I’ve been doing.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you.

No Steinberg technical support user over here?

How can I sent a bug report to Steinberg as to check this for future versions?

Thank you.

Your question isn’t really clear. What exactly are you saying is wrong?

Is Follow active?

Do you know about “Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors”?

Please look those up if either is not familiar.

Hello, I’ve used “Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors” and the behavior is even more evident with it activated.

I’ll try and explain myself better, the attached screen captures have “Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors” activated, you need to zoom in a bit so the bug can be evident. Project I made is 1 minute long, 60bpm, 4/4, 15 bar project.

Screen Capture 1: Click on the zoom out button in the lower key zone, max out that option to try and see the whole project which is what you would expect, it should be synced with the project window as shown.

Screen Capture 2: Now click on the zoom out option in the upper part of the project window and you’ll be able to zoom out at least one more step in that window but nothing happens on the lower key editor. You have now unsynced the cursors even though you have the “Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors” activated.

One of the consequences of this bug is that you are not able to select all the notes in bar 14 and completely missed bar 15 in the lower key editor while they do show up in the project window.

Can anyone replicate this behaviour? I’m on Windows 7 with Cubase Pro 10.0.20.

And if you move the cursor in the Project window to Bar 15, what happens in the Lower Zone editor window…? (sorry, not able to help directly just now)

It gets stuck, doesn’t crash Cubase since it seems to be just an interface problem. When you move the lower key editor’s cursor, the other one on the project window should sync again.

Just in case it needs a bit more explanation, you can’t get to bar 15 using the lower key editor, this is how I came across the problem. I was transposing an old project, I was in the lower key editor, mouse clicked-and-dragged to select all notes, I thought it had worked but I was unable to select all midi notes from there. It happens to any project length.

Hello? was anybody able to replicate this?


Hey, I was working on a new project and I something odd happened. “Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors” was activated but lower editor was not synced at all, it was just stuck somewhere, had to disable “Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors” and move to get it back.
This bug seems to give unexpected behavior.

Not seeing this. Have you ruled out corrupt prefs?

Hello, nope, I’ve not, how would I reset them?

See the troubleshooting links on the Knowledgebase- https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us

Hello, I followed the instructions but the error is still there.

If you are certain that you started Cubase in Safe Start mode, or that you renamed the User Prefs folder before starting Cubase, maybe this is a Windows 7 only thing?

Since there aren’t other reports of it here though, I’m still thinking it’s some kind of system setup issue, or maybe even a video driver issue, one can see in the forum problems with Nvidia drivers. (fixable)

My system is quite similar to yours, with the exception of the OS… (see below). If you want to zip your test project and attach it here or to a file share site I’d be happy to try to repro the problem- maybe I didn’t do the exact steps necessary.

Understood, i’ll try this first in the lastest OSX.
I’ll make a video of that if I find the error there.

Thank you. :smiley:

The error was replicated on my 2012 MacBook with the latest OSX.
I’ve attached the project file and I uploaded a video of it to Youtube.

At around 0:38 I selected all the notes that I’m able to see at full zoom out on the lower key editor, but when you zoom in then the rest of the notes to the right start appearing. I was unable to select those notes because the range of the lower key editor is not the same as the project itself when close to full zoom out, even with sync enabled.

I noticed this bug because I transposed a track by selecting all notes like in the video, everything normal, then I played it back and when it got close to the end I noticed that the last bit of the track had not transposed. Of course, I hadn’t been able to select all notes, like in the video.

Project is 1 min long, 60bpm with one midi part that lasts 20 seconds and is replicated three times. You’ll noticed I’m not able to reach the last notes from the last part, not even close. This does not happen the detached key editor, only the one that is attached to the lower part of the project window.

Project File:
Test.zip (13.2 KB)

I could reproduce. There’s something going on here for sure. It looks like the zoom and speed calculation for the transport cursor is different for the project view than it is for the editor, and also, the project is not automatically adjusting its length when an object exceeds the current length.

A way to workaround this for now, is to set the project length manually to be longer, like at least double, and when this crops up to toggle Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors, followed by a zoom command.

Nice sleuthing, irregular. I’ll report it to the Steinberg support team.

Thank you Steve.