Lower zone key highlight bug?

Hey guys,

I’ve just noticed that when I click on a midi container in a track, when it opens the editor in the Lower zone it never shows the key I press on the piano roll at the right of the editor unless I open it in a separate window and put it back in the Lower zone ?? Is it the same behaviour for you ?? Does my attempt to explain this make sense ??


Yes, I believe it does… I think :confused:

And I can confirm that on Win7 Pro (x64) with the latest CB Artist version (9.5.1), the feature you are having problems with works as intended. Meaning that when I select a midi note on the right-hand side of the editor, the corresponding piano note on the left-hand side is highlighted.

Do you have the record enable button turned on in the LZ editor? (upper left hand corner by default)

Indeed the Record in editor button is not enabled, do I have to activate it each time I open in editor or can we put it on by default??

Well, here it seems to always stick to its state, whether on or off.

The record button whitin the track is indeed always active with the track I click on but in the lower zone when I switch to another track or midi container the button is not active anymore

Aren’t we talking about the Record in Editor button? Just activate the button. It exists only for the editor.

There’s more to it though, look up ‘Edit Solo’/’Record in MIDI Editors’ follow focus in the manual

Sorry I made a confusion between the Record button in a track and the Record in Editor button in the Editor.
I’ll check the manual today, I will let you know if I find out.

I’ve double checked and I have the Record in Editor button activate when I click on the lower zone but still can’t see the key I am pressing been highlighted unless I open it in a separate window and put it back in the Lower zone… any idea??

Ok I’ve found the problem, in “Prefereces > Editor” I had “Double-click opens Editor in a window”, now that I have switched for “Double-click opens Editor in Lower zone” I can see the key I press in the piano roll in the Lower zone editor!