Lower Zone MIDI Editor - Question

Hi all,

So after some time I’ve decided I’m not really a fan of having the MIDI Editor pop up in the lower zone, largely because its far too small for me and difficult for accurate automation on multiple lanes, and doing th extra click to open in a full window is tiresome. But I’m struggling to find the preference/option to not do this by default. I can turn the lower zone off but I don’t want to do that because want other things active there. I can remove it via the ‘Setup Lower Zone’ icon, but after doing this as soon as I open a midi part it just defaults back to showing it in the lower zone again, and the the editor tab is back again for the lower zone. So … basically go back to the usual way of working before the zone implementation.

I’m sure there’s a pref somewhere!



Change “Double-click opens Editor in Lower Zone” to “Double-click opens Editor in a Window” and also (if you want) “Open Editor Commands open Editors in Lower Zone” to “Open Editor Commands open Editors in a Window”.

Thank you! Tha’ts what I was looking for.