Lower Zone Mix Console Visibility (separate from tracking window)

Hey all. Experimenting with the lower zone mix console, and here’s what I’d like to be able to do:

Hide tracks in the lower zone mix console, but still see the audio/midi data in the main zone above. For instance, I might have 8 backup vocal voices, but I only want to see the Backup vocal group in this particular mixer, yet if I hide them in the LZ Mix Console, they disappear from the tracks up above. Is there any way to have the LZ Mix Console function similarly to the regular mix console, where hiding a track in the mixer doesn’t make it disappear from the tracking window?

Thanks all. I hope the terminology is clear and that I’m making some sense.

Using Cubase 9.0.3 Pro, windows 7

on the right of the project visibility list there is a dropdown. Uncheck the link option for the mixconsole.

There’s a drop down in the Left Zone Visibility Tab with “Sync Project and Mix Console” 1-3

None of these are checked, yet the Lower Zone Mix Console is still synced to the tracking window. I’ve tried checking and unchecking them.

I apologize, you can only have different track types. You can’t currently have separate track visibility in the LZ. You can in the mixconsoles.

Thanks anyhow! Maybe Cubase can add this some day. I don’t see any reason not to have this option (though I know that the lower zone mix console is fairly new).

you can get what you want though. Just use the track type filters on the two windows. I do that with instrument tracks and their outputs, so I see the midi track in the project window and all the audio outputs in the LZ.

That works pretty well, but my main problem is that I do a lot of Beach Boys style backup vocals, with up to 10 tracks of these. I need to see them in the tracking window, but they take up a LOT of the mixer space in the lower zone. Preferably, I’d just see the group track I create for them in the lower zone, but still see the audio tracks above. Other audio tracks (like bass), I do want to see in the LZ, so I can’t just filter out Audio Tracks from the LZ Mixer.

yeah, I know it isn’t perfect. Maybe it will happen in an update along the line somewhere.