Lower Zone MixConsole - view toggle

Lower Zone MixConsole - missing key command option for Faders, Inserts and Sends view and a toggle key (keyboard) switch (between all three modes).
In addition I also miss EQ, Compressor and all other strip modules there. It should be possible to customize (add some more) view buttons on the left side of the Lower Zone MixConsole. Now there are just three of them.
I like this Low Zone concept, but for now it is not so usable. I need key commands, to be able to quickly change desired view. I work with my both hands, the keyboard and a mouse. Thanks.


But just FYI in case you didn’t know, you can at least cycle through the Lower Zone MixConsole views (Faders, Inserts, Sends) by using PageUp / PageDown (while focus is in the LZ MixConsole).

In fact, these key commands are assignable in the Key Commands window:

  • Window Zones → Show Previous Page
  • Window Zones → Show Next Page

Amen to all that…

Thanks, I didn’t know that. A pity that it doesn’t actually cycle, or I could just have it all on one key, on the left-hand side of the keyboard where I don’t have to look for it… :smiley:

+1 here. It would be nice if there were two other buttons I could select from the left hand column of the lower zone mixer, one that would let me see the EQ, another that would let me see the channel strip. Or perhaps it would make sense to have them combined? I’m not sure, but certainly, having the channel strip and the EQ accessible from the lower zone mixer would be a welcome addition.

I really wish we could see all the faders, inserts and sends on one screen. Logic, Studio One etc. have had this simple option for years, why not Cubase?

Open the MixConsole.

When using the lower zone what shortcut/key command to switch between mixconsole, editor, sampler control and chord pads? So I don’t need to use my mouse. Cheers