'Lower Zone' MixConsole

It’s new, so I may be missing something…

  1. Is there a way to have the Faders, Inserts and Sends all in one view, rather than in separate views? As it stands, when I flip back to the faders from the MIDI Editor (which I need to make taller to fit note and CC lanes) the faders are ridiculously huge, with more than enough space for inserts and sends above them.

  2. Where do I edit routing? I can add Group tracks, but I can’t see anywhere to edit a tracks routing without opening the main Mixconsole window?

  3. Shouldn’t it obey the same zone preferences as the main MIxConsole? I have all of my group tracks to the right, but this isn’t reflected in the LZ window.

I too wonder about this.
More importantly do we have a choice of mixers?

Will we still have access to the ‘floating’ pop out mixer or will it be LOCKED to the lower zone?


That’s it. I am going to delay a purchase until the smoke clears. I use three screens and like having the mixer on one of them. Will I still be able to do this or will I be stuck with the faders along the bottom?

You can still have a separate Mix Console as before.

That still doesnt allow for AOT i guess…?

Excellent! Thanks JonWright for the reply on this. I thought it would be silly to eliminate that option. Then again we are talking about programmers who nuked the Mono button back in the day -sigh- so i have always learned to ask and assume nothing.

All in all i like the idea of the lower zone and many of the new features appear to be irresistible! Especially the sampler!

Good to know i can have the option of the pop up mixer. Who knows, maybe i will embrace the lower zone mixer? Worth a shot. I will say the lower zone option for tuning vocals is darn right magical. Sadly i just finished tuning up 12 songs in C8.5 so i cant take it for a full test drive. Suppose i can tinker with it.

I find the lower zone mix console to be an incredibly useful addition to the larger mixer. You can toggle the view between the two views by simply hitting F3. I set up my inspector to show the inserts and sends on the selected channel and still have the ability to select multiple faders to mix different tracks. You could set up the same for the routing as well driving it from the inspector. While you can make the zones very tall it kind of really defeats the purpose of seeing different aspects of the project on a single screen. The left and right zone definitions are independent between the zone mixer and the full size mixer.

Thanks Greg.

I find the height of the LZ window is somewhat dictated by the content of the MIDI part. Once I have say a piano part, plus a couple of CC lanes, I need to increase the size of the window to fit it all in when editing.

That’s absolutely fine, but when I return to the faders they are enormous, so I have to resize the LZ window again to make them useable.

It would be useful if I could either choose to keep the faders set a preferred height, or prevent the ‘fader stretch’ by allowing inserts/sends etc above them.

It’s a shame routing isn’t possible from the LZ window. I was hoping they’d take the Logic/Studio One approach.

Do you happen to know where I can change the ‘left/right’ zone settings for tracks in the LZ MixConsole, I can’t find it.

I’m afraid F3 doesn’t work for me to switch between MixConsole views.

The size of the lower zone is global and will apply to all editors in that zone. If you do want to change the height for different editors it can be saved as a global workspace.

The anchor zones view in the lower zone mix console is activated from the inspector zone. If you have the inspector zone active you can hit either alt + Control + right arrow or command + control + right arrow and you will see the zones anchors for the lower zone mixer.

Hitting function key F3 on all of my systems toggles the 2 mixer views. Make sure that F3, the default key is still assigned to open the MixConsole.

The new lower zone MixConsole would really be nice if it had all the features that are available in the regular popup MixConsole. It doesn’t… Hence this feature request:


Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your tips Greg, I’ve sorted the zones now.

Sadly, after working with it on both my desktop and laptop, it isn’t working well for me. It feels like more clicks are involved than simply opening up the mIxConsole on any sized screen.