Lower zone mixer shows all instruments, not score/layout instruments

Just pointing out something I noticed, which is I use a score with an embedded sketch setup of the orchestral choirs, separated into two scores, “Sketch” and “Full”. Works brilliantly, I can do initial writing in the sketch and transfer over to the Full score easily, and jump back and forth.

I just noticed however that the lower zone mixer shows all the instruments for all the scores simultaneously in all scores, for example here is what I get while in the Sketch score

You can see the Sketch instruments are scattered throughout and swamped by the Full score instruments (here you can see Brass sketch with the other choirs somewhere else). Note this is in contrast to the Play section which shows you the instruments for just the layout you’re looking at. The non score instruments are not useful to have here as they make it hard to find the ones I’m looking for in this example, and also because fiddling them only affects the other score anyhow, since those instruments aren’t in the present score.

Not a request for anything but an observation that to be consistent and better usability having layout filtering in the lower zone mixer is something to consider.

If you activate the Unused filter in the Mixer toolbar, the outputs that don’t correspond to instruments in the current layout (which are the ones coloured grey) will be hidden.


Hm, yeah I tried that already but didn’t change it, so I assumed the filtering wasn’t available. So I’m missing something, here’s the project and screen shots showing the assignments.

Filter.dorico (1.8 MB)