Lower Zone Mixer

I’ve notice the Lower Zone mixer can not sync to the project window, I’m I missing something? It doesn’t appear to have a visibility tab as well, this does not make sense to me,It does have the channel types but I don’t want to see all the tracks sometimes, they should make it like the mixer where you can select visible tracks
Again, can you select what tracks you want to appear in the lower Zone?


The Visibility of the Lower Zone MixConsole is always in sync with the Project tracks. So you don’t need to sync it extra.

There are options to sync the mixer views, either with or without applied filters, if you click the two lines next to ‘Visibilty’ near the top left of the project window or next to ‘History’ top left if the mixer window. mix window… if that is what you mean.

Martin,thanks,I now see that you can sync on the left side tap,with the zones

On thought came to mind ,now that the lower zone can isolate the sends,inserts and faders, is their a way to do that in the main mixer window on a separate monitor? I love that feature with out having to go up top of the mixer and change the rack settings


You can make your own Configurations in the MixConsole.