Lower Zone - Open in Separate Window

Maybe I’m missing something: when I have the Key Editor opened in the Lower Zone and then I click on Open in Separate Window, then if I hit any button in the new Transport Bar (the one-lines’ one), the separate Key Editor window is then closed, and the Lower Zone’s key editor is back.

At the moment, my workaround is to then open the floating Transport Bar, and that works.

So, the new transport bar works only when a “zoned” window has the focus. I wonder why that limitation: actually, I find it quite irritating.

I repeat myself: am I missing something?



No, you are not missing something, but it shouldn’t behave like this. It seems, Cubase is confused for some reason. Could you try the Safe Start Mode, please?

Isn’t the problem actually that Geppastro is clicking on the lower zone transport, bringing forward the project window, thus obscuring the Key Editor, which is still open behind the Project Window?

The problem is that the lower zone transport is only usable if you are using Cubase as a single-window interface. Once you open multiple editors, the lower zone transport cannot be used.

Obviously, what is needed is for every editor window to be able to have the l.z. transport.

Thanks Martin and Steve, I suspect Steve is right. If that’s the case, my opinion is that the current behavior should be changed.

+1 for lower zone transport in every editor, but even better if they replaced “Open in Separate Window” with something like “Open editor in full screen (inside the single-window interface)”. I can’t see any use for “Open in Separate Window” in its current behavior, where you can’t even hit start to listen to the track/tracks being edited (of course you can, if you open the floating transport, but why one should?)!


Definitely a -1 from me for changing it in that way, and I’m sure it won’t happen because there are a wide variety of workflows that must be accommodated.

It would suffice to make the transport available in the editors.

Also, all the transport commands are available from the keyboard or remote whether the transport is visible or not, so you still have access to them.