Lower Zone / popout question

Since v9, when you click on a section of Audio or Midi it now opens up in the lower zone by default. This is handy in some situations but there are also many situations where I would prefer it open in the traditional pop out window. I know you can click the maximize button within the lower zone but that’s an extra mouse journey and click. Is it possible to change the default behaviour for this so that it once again opens by default in pop out mode?

What would be nice is a toggle button to then dock / un-dock. Studio One does this flawlessly.

I read yesterday something of a toggle, I suggest you check the Cubase preferences… Should be somewhere in this forum (CB9 forum)

I found the option to open in pop out editor on double click. so now it shows everything at a glance in the lower zone as i select parts. then all i do is double click on the part to open it full screen. much better!!

See File / Preferences / Editors

Cool! I was wondering about this too. For audio I much prefer that it opens in a separate ‘pop-out’ window so I have access to warp, variaudio etc.

i like the feature that a doubleclick on an event opens the editor. but im so used in pressing return when im done editing to come back to the arranger window. but now when i press return in the editor in the lower zone, the complete lower zones closes. i would love if it just could go back to the mixer, as i like this to be my default working enviroment. is there any way how i can do this?