Lower Zone vs. Workspaces

Just curious, does the Lower Zone provide new functionality that does not already exist in the old Workspace feature?

For example, when adjusting the timing of portions of an audio track, I use a Workspace that displays the Project window containing a reference MIDI track (with perfect event timing) on top, and the Audio Editor window below. Working like this allows me to quickly see where each corresponding audio portion should be moved to.

Does the LZ provide some additional functionality in this regard, or merely another way of accomplishing the same operation?

I use workspaces a lot but I am currently running few new CB9 Lower Zone configs to see if there is anything I can consolidate. So far I think I may be able to get rid of my “Audio Editing” and “MIDI Editing” workspaces in favor of Lower Zone editing. Not sure yet, the one thing I do not like is the way the Lower Zone covers lanes in the Project window, have not found a suitable size yet.

Will keep you updated on where I land.

I appreciate the feedback…thanks.

After viewing all the videos I could find on the LZ, it seems that the only difference between it and Workspaces is the better synchronization between windows in the former (which I realize may make things much easier when editing across different windows).

In contrast, Workspaces seems to be more flexible in that you’re able to create any configuration you like. For example, you can array the Project and MixConsole windows in either left-right or top-bottom format as opposed to the LZ which is exclusively the latter.

Anyway, I’d be interested in hearing anything you have to say about how the LZ improves productivity beyond Workspaces. At the moment I’ve decided not to upgrade but will change my mind if anyone is able to compel me otherwise. Cheers…