Lower Zone

I just looked at the C9 video for lower zones and find that interesting but I’m wondering how well it might work in practice.

Can anyone having experience with this new feature tell me how it works for selecting multiple MIDI tracks?

I’ve never used in-line editing but always found selecting multiple MIDI parts troublesome in that you could not cut single notes without cutting notes underneath, unless you have “Edit Active Part Only” selected, which in turn means you cannot have Solo on for only those selected MIDI parts, which then requires you to go back to the Project Page and mute tracks that you don’t want to hear.

All this back and forth is rather tiresome so has the new version alleviated any of this bother?

I would purchase right now, bugs and all if I knew it would assist my workflow in any way that means I have to do less.

It generally works the same as the full Key Editor but in a smaller window.

My pet peeve is that it forgets its contents if you tab away to e.g. the mixer. If the windowed editor loses focus and you come back it will still be the same and there’s no need to reselect any events.

Hi djw,

What do you mean by “windows editor” and when you say forgets its’ contents, are you saying that you need to drag a part back down to the Lower Zone?


The windowed editor is the old school floating Key Editor.

You don’t need to drag anything for the Lower Zone, it works just like the old editor. But when you tab away, it’s as if you close the window. It doesn’t remember what events where selected. Other than this, it works the same as the old floating editor.

Thank you for that demonstration.

That would be nice of course, to have selections remembered since it would be more akin to having recall for the editors so +1 for that.

What I would also like to see is some changes to how multiple MIDI selections work in that once solo is pressed, even with multiple parts selected; that pressing Edit Active Part doesn’t mute other selected parts so what would you say to that?

Even having a modifier to override multiple selected notes when cutting would be a great addition in my view.