Lower zone's amnesia

I open the lower zone
Select a midi track
Click on the editor tab
Choose the score editor
Switch to another tab
Switch back to the editor tab now cubase doesn’t remember my choice and defaults back to key editor as it is in the preferences the default editor
the same happens when i choose another kind of editor when i come back i see the default editor
Because of the way i work i need different kind of editors for different situations
i have to switch all the time back and re-set it.

Please make the lower zone to remeber my choice and leave it as i put it., or give a preference option.

Interesting that you also call it amnesia, that was my description in my notes list. :stuck_out_tongue:

My report of it is here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=108742

But it is not seen as a bug.

i don’t think it is a bug rather they haven’t thought about it
i hope they will fix it
it is very annoying

It’s by design. :confused:

This is not the issue that djw is talking about in his linked thread.*

This issue is that the editor in use reverts to the configured default editor when switching tabs. (while still displaying the selected content) There’s no reason a user would want to automatically be sent to a different editor from the one they were just using. Not a bug, but surely a missing function.

I have never run across this because I mainly use keystrokes to navigate around in Cubase, (with ctrl-r for Lower Zone Score Editor), but I just tried Gregio’s repro steps. The result was quite annoying even though I was just testing it! :laughing:

* That issue was that he wanted the content to remain in the editor even after he had explicitly deselected it in the Project, and switched LZ tabs. As Martin J. said, as long as you don’t change the selection the content remains in the editor.