LPF & HPF improvement

I appreciate the variable slopes available for the LPF & HPF (6, 12, 24…) but 18dB per octave would also be nice. Also it would be nice to see the slope setting along side/with the frequency setting ie. See setting without having to right click and click again on slope settings.

Hm, 3 pole filters… why not. I don’t need it but I’m not against it.

However, I fully agree with your wish for improved slope accessibility. I use HPF a lot to make room for bass (caveman style :smiley:) and sometimes it’s nice to try out settings.

(On a sidenote… using this feature I have already improved two older mixes of mine - just by selecting different slopes for the HPF and adjusting the corner frequency I was able to make things sound smoother. Thank you VERY much for this!)