LS Iris, my WIP SMuFL-compliant font

Bought. That says it all :wink:

I did as well. Really beautiful, Luis.

I am one of those people who usually couldn’t care less about music fonts, but this looks impressive.

It’s an absolutely fantastic font! Said otherwise: something I had been waiting for as long as Dorico!

I like handwritten fonts, since they give the idea that the score is something still in the work – and will be in the work during the performance, and untile a publisher decides to make an end to the reworking.

Most handwritten fonts are conceived for jazz, and it’s a very different style than modern classical. The only non-jazz font is MTF Improviso. But LS Iris is exactly the style one would use to make a modern classical score (at least, in the European style of the latest decades).

Really beautiful! Luis, you have a fantastic calligraphy!



Thanks for the kind words, Paolo! That is precisely where I’m coming from too — and I might keep heading in this direction for other font projects, if time allows…

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Wow. This means a whole lot, coming from you! I’m humbled!

Really impressive, totally agree. Bought immediately…

However, I think an update is actually needed to make the font compatible with the function “harmonics”.

The natural harmonic circle is U+E614 (from

The white diamond is a medieval/renaissance notehead, U+E93C (from

To clarify further, natural harmonics with circle are correctly displayed, not so the artificial ones that require the white diamond notehead.

Solved changing the noteheads set properties. I thought it was more intricate.

Congratulations!!! I am very happy you released it!!!

All the best,

Someone could check the arpeggio down with the arrow under Ls iris.
It might be in the wrong direction.
Please confirm


some stuff might have shifted, since I recall off the top of my head there being some changes in the SMuFL coderanges since I last tidied this for deployment. I’ll get working on an update in May.