LTB in Cubase 8 ?

Is Cubase 8 still supporting LTB (linear time base) so I can use my Midex 8s with good MIDI timing?
If not, whats the last version that supports LTB? I know Cubase 6 should but unsure about 7.

Cubase 8 still has the musical time base / linear time base button in the track controls.

thanks man, thats good news!

No, the musical/linear toggle on track controls is something else completely! “LTB” refers to a technology that was alleged to make the timing of Steinberg MIDI interfaces better when used with Cubase than other, non-Steinberg MIDI interfaces. In fact it was only marketing and was actually just Windows DirectX.

The key thing is that the Midex 3 and Midex 8 interfaces both work perfectly in Windows 7, 8 and 10, and I’ve been using them on both Windows 7 x64 and WIndows 10 x64 myself. Follow the link in my sig to get the (unsupported) updated drivers.

MrSoundman I know about the 64bit OS drivers for the Midex’s, thanks.
My concern is about MIDI latency and especially MIDI jitter, which LTB should reduce. MIDI jitter produces unpredictable delays of up to several tenths of ms, especially on USB interfaces (USB is loose connected to the CPU and has low priority in the OS and no timestamping).
You say LTB actually did never exist?
Steinberg confirmed that Cubase 6 did still support LTB, I dont know about Cubase 8 though, they recoded quite alot in C8.

To clarify, yes that’s just my humble opinion that LTB was never a real thing, but I am happy to be corrected by Steinberg, however the bottom line is we can’t know either way. I only know what I can and cannot hear, and I cannot hear a tenth of a millisecond delay (and neither can anyone else).

To get the definitive answer to your question I think you would need to contact Steinberg directly, but then, if the Midex is no longer supported, they are unlikely to support LTB, as no other manufacturer offers it, and it was never published as any kind of API or hardware specification.

I’ve been using my Midex8 for years, now on Cb8 with Win7-64, never really a problem with timing for me but then I don’t tend to do loads of fast beats. So, it works fine but I don’t know whether with LTB or not. I have to say tho that its more reliable these days than it used to be with SX and XP wrt to dropped midi notes and the like. I did buy it for LTB originally :slight_smile:


It might be nice if you informed people that it is just your opinion when making such claims. In the original post you stated it as a fact.

LTB was a real solution and not just marketing gimmick to improve MIDI timing at the time but was rendered unnecessary after OS updates on both the Mac and Windows side changed the MIDI timing.

Could Steinberg officially confirm this, whether the Cubase Pro still supports Line Time Base Technology or not, please.