LTC out - how to?

Hi folks! Can someone help me, what I’m doing wrong or expecting to work in a wrong way?
Target → get offset-ed LTC out when hitting play on a song

  • offset typed in
  • output channel set

Not sure what you expect. The output for LTC is always a direct Port, not a channel.

Oh, Thank you @musicullum I see now, Thank you, its working :slight_smile:

Hi @musicullum ,

What do u think about leave the song trigger window (practical my me “the timecode offset” window) on foreground until it’s open? Does it makes sense put to background as soon as entering offset values?

Oh and I dont know whos idea it was but brilliant to accept booth “.” and “:” for separators (00 . 00 / 00 : 00). Deserves :clap::clap::clap::sunglasses: