Lua Midi Insert Effect

Please consider embedding the Lua scripting language for creating midi generating processors based on Halion 6 as a Midi Insert plugin. Let the user be able to create a GUI similar to what can be done in Halion 6.

The code is already written, just need to strip out the parts that are not applicable. Would greatly enhance Cubase as users create their own midi plugins…

An inspired idea!

+1 for sure.

+1 yes I have wanted this for ages. The logical editor does not allow variables. Lua script would be brilliant.

+1 definitely.

+1 yeah!

Many Cubendo midi plug-in haven’t been improved with new features for very long time, since SX version :slight_smile:)
I really hope to see something going on in the midi (plugin/routing/mapping-macro) area.



My last hope getting this in Cubase was Plug’n Script by BlueCatAudio, but they were not interested, 2015, making a VST-MA version, or what it’s called the architecture Cubase use.

I talked to Waves why they don’t make midi plugins as well, as their audio based - no go it seems so far.

Not sure if Transformer generate Lua script then, and run - from that dialog?
I’ve used such wizards for communcation programs that worked like that - generating a script they later run.

Even a host in Cubase, like Transformer - but with VST slots to insert the widely spread VST midi plugins - like Insert Piz stuff.

Logic is using JavaScript, that would do as well. Thanks for digging this up guys!