LUFS analysis on entire mix.

Are you sure about this? That is a really great trick indeed, because I could just switch the meter to LUFS before I run an export, and get the integrated LUFS of the whole song?! Do you happen to have a pointer where this is documented by Steinberg, or is this just something you found on your own?

I ran a quick test and Integrated LUFS showed the same values for realtime playback and export. True Peak was different though.
Audio engine runs on 32float, project is set to 48kHz / 32f, file was exported to 48kHz/32f.

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Cool, thanks for sharing. Such a neat little trick I will be sure to use going forward!

Does Cubase not have the “Loudness Track” like in Nuendo? just set in/out points, click “Quick Analysis” and boom have your master LUFS level.

No, it doesn’t. Which is a shame as loudness is also important for musicians nowadays.