After updating to Cubase 9.5 ouput changed to LUFS -23 again.
That seems to me far too low
Isn´t there any presets ? :unamused:

I use normally use 11-12 LUFS, pop/rock music but I don´t know if it,s too high,
I used it since I had Cubase Elements which hadn´t that loudness/master meter.
Why doesn´t Cubase have a preset for that ? :frowning: .
Wouldn´t it be better if they used dB instead, LUFS I don´t understand, so confucing

How many LUFS do you have noramly in your Projects? :question:

Go over this and it may help clear up a few things. It’s about a product from Cubase, but explains about using LKFS/LUFS pretty well. There’s much more about this in the manual and on youtube, etc.

As I understand it, the new recording standard EBU R128 is deliberately designed to combat the ‘loudness war’ which has occurred over the last 20-30 years.

It defines acceptable RMS v Peak levels in a way which literally means that if you don’t mix to -23dB LU then your material will actually be reproduced quieter than material which is mixed to -23dB LU. So there is no point upping the RMS to silly levels with compressors etc to try and make your material sound louder on replay/broadcast etc as you will get the exact opposite of what you are looking for.

It changes the whole approach of how you mix tracks to a main mix, but I believe will result in better recordings with much more dynamic range that has been the norm for a while now. This has to be a good thing IMO.

When movie dialog is almost as loud as the gun shots, something is very wrong.

This video is a very good introduction to the subject.

I know Cubase has LU/LUFS metering built in now, but this addon gives a better graphical representation of what is going on, and it’s free.

Great explanation, thanks :slight_smile:

It’s great that Cubase has this built-in to the software. I like the K-Scale system. Good luck with it and if it’s still not clear, post other questions.

Good comments and thanks for the link.

-16 for mudic