LUNA feature for Cubase request

There is a feature in LUNA which I think is very cool. I saw this in a video with Jacquire King. It’s called “Spill”. When you select it on a channel, it filters your view everywhere to channels associated with that channel : Mixing Masterclass with Jacquire King [MixCon 2020] - YouTube

That looks a great time saver rather than switching and setting up Console views which are always changing, even when you don’t want them to.

When you open E (Edit channel settings) in any channel if you have visible the “Output chain” you see all the signal flow for that channel.
On the mixer you have on the top bar an option to Show “Channel visibility configuration”. On that one if you click on the “Channel visibility agents” you can only show channel associated with the selected channel if you select the option “Select channels that are connected to the first selected channel”

Thanks, I’ve used it. I find it rather clunky. And it doesn’t affect the project view. As a matter of fact, the whole mixer window setup needs a rethink. They also need to have the same mixer settings in the project window. Studio One is much easier to use, with drag and drop effects on all channels. I love Cubase but lately using other DAWs I feel it’s slower to work in.

You know Reaper ?
If your into customizing your own DAW maybe Reaper is great for you.

No… I generally like it the way it is… with some small improvements needed

the mixer (mix console window) is a different tool than the project window