LuzeCor Song Made with Cubase :)

I hope you like

VEEERy good !!! and unusual…lovely plaintive vocal sound, some very nice areas within this track ( though I do think it needs tidying up a little ) very well done…Kevin

Lucky day on Made With Cubase! This is another really good track. I love the vocals, both the female lead and the backing vocals. Very nice texture overall. Enjoyed very much.

Yeah, I agree with Kevin. Some interesting ideas. I listened to a couple of the other tracks also, but I think they need tidying up a bit and a bit more consistency in the composition/arrangement. At times it’s like some of the notes for a certain chord progression are there in conjunction with the melody, but they either are missing important notes or are wrong inversions to really sound great to my ears. Good luck with your release, hope it goes well. The material is good overall.

Thanks for reapply guys :slight_smile:

Besides the song, the overall tonality is very pleasing. I could listen to this all day and my ears would be smiling. :laughing:

I really enjoyed especially last remix, great innocent sounding vocal performance…