LV ties as SVGs

I’ve made some LV ties as SVGs. There are three lengths: 2.5, 2.75, and 3, both over and under.

To use these in your project, you can import them as custom playing techniques.

You can download the SVGs here.

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I’m curious how you ‘sized’ these, Dan. When I open the 3 space file in Affinity Designer, I get a curve with a width of 10.6 pixels, at 72 pixels to the inch.

So 1 space is … 3.53 pixels? Or 0.147 inches?

But when I import the 3 space curve as a PT, it looks about 1.5 spaces, maybe 2 tops.

Screenshot 9

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One space ought to be the gap between two staff lines.

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Yes, I know that! I’m wondering how big ‘a space’ is when you’re making a graphic in Affinity Designer, or Illustrator.

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Ah. Ignore me then!

I set the LV tie length in Engraving Options, then exported the slice as SVG.

Then I opened the slice in AD and just re-exported (so it looked better in the icon preview). As far as I know, I didn’t change anything about the size.

So honestly, I’m not sure what’s up. I’m a total putz at AD still. Basic tasks take me forever. Now I know how new Dorico users feel! :sunglasses:

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What was the Staff scaling?

I’m thinking that because Dorico works to a notional staff height of 20pt, then 1 space is 5pt, so a 10pt object is 2 spaces. That seems to be born out.


Oh, that makes sense. But in that case, there doesn’t seem to be a point in exporting a certain length, right? It would be entirely dependent on the space size of the current project being the same. It’s Saturday morning, I can’t think straight.

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“Tests show” that the graphics scale with the staff, so it’s always 2 spaces.

But if you exported something that was 2 spaces, but ‘came out’ as 5pt, then it’s not going to be 2 spaces when you import it as a graphic.