Lyric alignment follows left-most voice?

In the example below, I feel the lyrics should center-align with the voice with which they identify. Instead, they seem to be aligning with the left-most voice (here, Upstem Voice 2). Am I missing something?

lyric alignment.png

I’m not in front of Dorico just now, but I’m wondering what the voice column index settings are for those two voices. I suspect that the lyrics are aligned with wherever the actual beat is, and the red voice is ahead of whatever the global beat position is. I may very well be wrong, of course!

Just checked note spacing (which I rarely use, so it’s a bit of an unknown to me). Not sure what to make of it. It does seem the lyrics are aligned to the beat, not to the note.

I recall Daniel mentioning something about the independence of lyrics from notes (and obvious applications of this, like deleting a note but the lyric can remain). Nonetheless, I think lyrics should align to the notes in the same voice. That seems to be the point of being able to assign a lyric to a particular voice.

I hadn’t changed any settings for Voice Column Index. When I set blue voice to 0, it of course aligns with the lyrics (and with the other voice).
voice column.png

Is there then the possibility of setting the red voice to -1? I’m not sure - I’ve never tried…

Just tried that. Voice column index can’t be below 0. :sunglasses:

I’ve sometimes wished that I could move an item to column -1. Even if it’s just quietly renumbered under the covers. :slight_smile:

Dan, select the lyrics and then flick the Lyric Alignment switch. It seems to fool Dorico into doing what it should’ve been doing all along :wink:

I believe what is happening here is the left alignment of one voice coinciding with a middle alignment of another. Or perhaps pianoleo is up to his cleverness again! :wink:

I think musicmaven’s probably right!

It’s certainly not a difficult fix, but my point remains: a lyric should center on the note that is in the same voice.

Daniel, here’s another example of this behavior. The lyric belongs to the same voice as the whole note, but it’s aligned with the other voice.

Could this be up for consideration? Thanks!


The easy fix for this one is to flip the stem on the cue-note D, then the notes align so there isn’t an issue.

In the first example, maybe you can similarly sort out the stems and beams somehow - they have apparently been manually adjusted already.

There is also a “swap voice order” that sometimes helps, although I understand the point. You should not have to do anything

Thanks Rob; you are right, and I did end up doing this anyways. But there are plenty of cases where it doesn’t work, and I run into this fairly frequently. Again, the lyric should be centered on the note of the same voice.

I admit I am nitpicking rather than presenting an insurmountable problem. It’s an easy fix for me, but just bringing it to their attention.