Lyric baselines on one stave are not working right - other staves no problem

I’ve gone into Engraving Options > Lyrics and have adjusted things how I like them. On three of the four staves in the hymn I’m working on, the lyric baselines are what they need to be.

On the last system, the lyrics are spaced properly between themselves, but there is a giant gap between them and the top stave of the last system. Otherwise, the document looks beautiful as it always does with Dorico.

You’ll need to attach the project here, Jeff, so we can take a look at the specific problem you’re experiencing.

I tried, but the system does not accept .dorico attachments. Thanks very much in advance! I will email you, Daniel, with the file in question.

Compress it into a Zip file and then attach that here - that’ll work…

In lieu of the email, Daniel, here is the file in question. Many thanks!
HChCh DaCamera Jan 2018 Mighty (462 KB)

Thanks for the project, Jeff. On the face of it I can’t see what’s wrong here, but I will ask my colleague Andrew to take a look and I’ll come back to you. My suspicion is that you somehow have an orphaned empty lyric lurking about that’s messing up the spacing for some reason, but I can’t prove my hypothesis just yet!

Jeff, instead of using Edit > Remove Rests to remove some unwanted rests in the down-stem voice in the upper staff, you’ve selected them and made them white. When they’re white, they’re still there as far as all the spacing is concerned, so that’s why the lyrics are forced down out of the way. Find those rests and use Remove Rests to excise them, and all will be well.