Lyric Cue Problem

I’ve come across a problem cueing lyrics. Tied notes that extend beyond the range of the cue are shown with l.v. type ties but lyrics are simply omitted unless they are completely within the range of the cue. Shortening the extender line on a lyric can will make it visible in the cue, but it then looks incorrect in the original part.

The example below illustrates the problem. The the top version, the cues are musically sensible but the last syllable is invisible in each case. In the bottom example the cues have been extended, but the result isn’t particularly good.

Would it be possible for lyric items to automatically shorten within a cue in the same manner as notes?

Lyrics and slurs currently have this problem when cued. It is on our backlog to improve this at some point in the future, but it’s not currently our highest priority. (It’s complicated, otherwise it would have been done already.)