Lyric display not working

Yesterday we had another very special rehearsal thanks to VSTLive. With the current version 2.0.14, the lyrics display in the LiveMods app doesn’t really work. Unfortunately, I can’t say it any other way. No matter which song we select/start in VSTLive, the app either doesn’t show anything, or the lyrics simply don’t scroll, and the app flashes alternately “online/offline”, which doesn’t make sense, since we now use the iPads (which we bought specifically for the lyric display) with other apps, and they are online all the time, as our tests yesterday showed again.

When lyrics were displayed more or less by chance yesterday, we realized that they weren’t the lyrics of the song we were rehearsing, but of a completely different song! Which led to some confusion. The app also had to be restarted several times so that it could receive the data correctly, but that didn’t work for long. Since the app can only receive data, the problem lies in VSTLive.

We have stopped using the lyric display during rehearsals until further notice. Which is very annoying after buying the expensive iPads for exactly this purpose.

You must not confuse “connected to VST Live via the local network” with “connected to the internet”. VST Live mods connection has nothing to do with internet at all, in fact, its quality might be degraded by too much internet traffic.

Either the connection is entirely unstable. That would explain all of your observations. Otherwise there might be a bug, but none is known that switches the online status w/o it actually loosing contact.

Pls make sure that a stable local (!) WiFi connection is provided.

Last rehearsal, i also had this problem. Suddenly the lyrics jumped like crazy. I restarted everything and it worked exept 2 songs where we had a blank screen. I use a dedicated router for the ipads without internet. Only VL and x32 edit is running on this net. Never ever had one drop out on x32.


There may be problems with Lyrics display which we are currently examining. But online/offline toggle is a different issue. Do you also see that?

Yes i do